Sunday, 25 May 2008

Blue is the colour . . .

Except it's not . . . they lost - but who cares.

The only Chelsea I was interested in over the past few days was Chelsea Flower Show, which I was lucky enough to get a ticket to.

As a bit of a gardener, I suppose I should be inspired by Chelsea, but in fact I get a bit daunted and depressed. Tens of thousands of pounds are spent on the show gardens and they're just too good, too perfect. There's no way I could reproduce anything like them.

That's not entirely true (I've just had a glass or two of red wine and I'm feeling a a bit maudlin) - it is a good place to get ideas for planting combinations; to see what plants go well together and, in the grand marquee, you can see just what plants are availabe to us.

What is beyond most of us is the hard landscaping - the pavilions, sculptures, walls and miles of perfect York stone paving. No concrete slabs from B&Q at Chelsea!

Anyway, I suspect most people will feel a bit Chelsea'd out at this point - endless coverage on the TV and wall to wall in the papers. So here's just a couple of flowery pictures . . .

The person I accompanied to Chelsea is a well-known shopper (well-known to shopkeepers around East Anglia, anyway), so nothing was going to keep her away from the avenue to trade stands at Chelsea, In fact, she was very restrained. Here are a few of the things she managed to avoid buying.


Anonymous said...

How much were the hats?

Dog Walker said...

Sorry anonymous - I didn't look at the prices, I knew they'd be too rich for poor old me.