Sunday, 15 March 2009

Venturing out

Lovely day today, so I spent a bit of time tidying the garden.

Not much out yet, of course, but there are lots of things beginning to sprout and grow.

In the front garden, the crocuses and irises have more or less finished, but there are some lovely dwarf white tulips in flower at the moment.

They look pretty, but I have to admit they are part of a failed plan. I planted them a couple of years ago with some very dark purple, almost black, tulips - the idea being that the dark flowers would look as though they were 'sitting' on a bed of white. However, the labelling was obviously not quite right, because the purple tulips don't flower until the white ones have nearly finished. Perhaps I'll dig them out this year and start again.

I planted a Viburnum last summer and it's been flowering nearly all winter - a very pretty pink. It's just coming to an end now but still looks nice. It has a lovely scent as well.

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