Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Sky's the limit

After many attempts, a pair of collared doves have successfully built a nest behind our Sky dish.

They don't strike me as being the most intelligent of birds, but they're certainly indefatigable - there was a bigger pile of twigs and stems on the ground underneath than on the nest, but they kept going.

The hen (presumably) has been glued to the next for the last couple of weeks, so we don't know if there are eggs yet.

I don't think our cat can get at them (possibly out of the window, along the guttering and down a rope into the nest, but probably not - especially since he isn't too bright ,either). But if a chick did fall to the ground, it wouldn't last long!

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Anonymous said...

SNAP!!! - we too have doves who tried about a month ago, gave up and are now back again - behind the sky dish. On looking out of the bedroom window (which is above the dish) we can see 2 little eggs. How they will survive a strong gust of wind I don`t know!! but we have all our fingers crossed for them.

T.Cook. Retford . Notts